A total of 93 men and one woman were executed in Brisbane and Queensland during 1830-1913. Our 'Gallows Tales' range covers every story, every crime, and every hanging from the days when the shadow of the gallows fell across the Sunshine State in Brisbane, Toowoomba, Rockhampton and Maryborough.

Dirty Dozen: Hanging and the Moreton Bay Convicts
2007/Christopher Dawson/64 pages/illustrations, endnotes and bibliography/RRP $8.50

That Gingerbread Structure: The Queen Street gaol
2010/Christopher Dawson/68 pages/illustrations and endnotes/RRP $8.50

Swinging in the 'Sixties: Hanging around Colonial Queensland
2010/Christopher Dawson/68 pages/endnotes and illustrations/RRP $8.50

Prisoners of Toowong Cemetery: Life and Death in the old Petrie Terrace gaol
2006/Christopher Dawson/72 pages/illustrations, endnotes and bibliography/RRP $8.50

Hungry Ghosts of Boggo Road: Chinese prisoners executed in Queensland
2005/Leonie Gane/64 pages/illustrations, endnotes and bibliography/RRP $8.50

A Pit of Shame: The executed prisoners of Boggo Road
2010 (second edition)/Christopher Dawson/104 pages/illustrations and bibliography/RRP $16.95

No Ordinary Run of Men: The Queensland executioners
2010/Christopher Dawson/64 pages/endnotes and illustrations/RRP $8.50

The Hanging at the Brisbane Windmill
2009/Christopher Dawson/ 44 pages/illustrations and endnotes/RRP $6.50
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