The Hungry Ghosts of Boggo Road: Beliefs in the Afterlife of Chinese Prisoners Executed in Queensland

(Inside History edition)

In recent years Boggo Road has gained a dubious and largely false reputation as a 'haunted' place. This book offers an original look at the subject from the perspective of traditional Chinese beliefs. Hungry Ghosts is a unique blend of Chinese philosophy and Queensland history, answering such questions as, 'what is a 'hungry ghost', 'why was one Chinese prisoner buried without his head', and 'what is the 'Black Rope Hell'?

Leonie Gane (2005)
64 pages with illustrations, endnotes and bibliography
RRP $8.00
ISBN: 978-0-9757441-4-7

Prison photo of Luk Kow, executed in 1906. (Qld State Archives)

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