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Boggo Books is a not-for-profit publishing project based in Brisbane, Queensland. We aim to produce well-researched, accurate and affordable History publications.

Explore these pages to discover our current range of titles on such subjects as prisons, suburban history, capital punishment and cemeteries.

Please note: We are currently transitioning from the 'Inside History' book stock to the new 'Boggo Books' stock. The new titles will be added to this site as they become available.

Dirty Dozen: Hanging and the Moreton Bay Convicts

(Inside History edition)

Mutineers, murderers, sheep-stealers and runaways. These are the stories of the twelve Moreton Bay convicts who were hanged in the 1820s and 1830s. Find out about the teenage pickpocket sentenced to death three times and the acrobat who became the most notorious of all New South Wales hangmen. And was convict life really so bad that men committed murder just for the 'escape' of being hanged?

Christopher Dawson (2007)
64 pages with illustrations, endnotes and bibliography
RRP $8.50

Book sample (PDF 12KB)

Shovelnose: Tales of the Brisbane River Sharks

(Inside History edition)

During the 19th century the people of Brisbane and Ipswich used the Brisbane and Bremer rivers for swimming, bathing, washing and transport. In the summer months the river was also home to dangerous bull sharks, at the time known as 'shovel-nose sharks'. This book looks back at the interaction between sharks and people that led to several horrific attacks and four tragic deaths. You (and your dog) might never go for a summer dip in the river again!

Christopher Dawson (second edition, 2013)
58 pages, with illustrations and full endnotes
RRP $8.50

Book sample (PDF 93K)

The One and Only Boggo Road: The History of a Unique Suburban Street

(Inside History edition)

Annerley Road grew from an 1850s bullock track to become a unique road with a unique name. Learn about when Indigenous people camped in a rich environment; the development of the 'One-Mile Swamp' and 'Boggo'; and the near-disappearance of the name 'Boggo'. By that time the road was home to a cemetery, a prison, and a 19th century legacy that survives to this day.

Christopher Dawson (2008)
76 pages, with illustrations and endnotes
RRP $8.50

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Absolute Fairyland: Heady Days in Dutton Park

(Inside History edition)

The surprising history of the rise and fall of a suburban park. Over 100 years ago, the arrival of the electric tramway turned Dutton Park - a neglected riverside reserve - into what was described as 'the most picturesque and charming open-air resort in Australia'. Live performers and silent movies drew up to 5,000 people per night to the park's 'Continental' shows. By the time of the Depression, however, the park had become a shanty town of relief workers.

Christopher Dawson (2006)
46 pages with illustrations and endnotes
RRP $8.50

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South Brisbane Cemetery A-Z of R.I.P.

Old cemeteries are touchstones to our history, and every person buried in a cemetery has a story to tell, and there are a hundred thousand stories in the South Brisbane Cemetery. South Brisbane Cemetery A-Z of R.I.P. tells the story of Brisbane south of the river through the people who lived and died there. They came from all walks of life, and together they reflect the changing face of colonial and 20th-century Queensland.

Christopher Dawson (2011)
48 pages, illustrations
Only $5.00 (BRGHS members: $4.00)

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The Ghosts of South Brisbane Cemetery

(Inside History edition)

South Brisbane Cemetery's foremost historian, Tracey Olivieri, grew up in the local area and played in the cemetery as a child, and has drawn from her lifetime experience to produce this new book on the spookier side of graveyard stories. Many of the stories that Tracey has known for decades are explored, as well as many new tales. A few myths are also busted along the way.

Tracey Olivieri (2011)
40 pages with illustrations and endnotes
RRP $8.50

Book sample (PDF 177KB)