Local History

Where do you think you live? Times change and so do the everyday streets and buildings around us. Our local history books enable you to explore that hidden heritage, and learn more about the place you call home. We believe greater awareness of our local heritage will create a greater will to protect it.

Brisbane Beginnings #1: Dutton Park
2009/Christopher Dawson and Tracey Olivieri/40 pages/illustrations and full endnotes
RRP $6.50

Brisbane Beginnings #2: Fairfield
2009/Christopher Dawson/40 pages/illustrations and full endnotes
RRP $6.50

Absolute Fairyland: Heady Days in Dutton Park
2006/Christopher Dawson/46 pages/illustrations and endnotes/RRP $8.50

The One & Only Boggo Road: The unique history of a suburban street
2008/Christopher Dawson/76 pages/illustrations and endnotes/RRP $8.50

Shovelnose: Tales of the Brisbane River sharks
2013 (second edition)/Christopher Dawson/58 pages/illustrations and endnotes/RRP $8.50

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