Life and Death in the Petrie Terrace Gaol: The Prisoners of Toowong Cemetery 1876-82:

Twenty-three men died in Brisbane Gaol, Petrie Terrace, during 1875-82, and were buried in Toowong Cemetery. Find out how a horribly bungled Brisbane hanging drew the attention of Downing Street; How the 'Aboriginal Ned Kelly' ended up in Berlin; Why a university still has the heads of two of the executed prisoners; and how a convicted child molester became Queensland's executioner.

This book is an update of the 'Prisoners of Toowong Cemetery' publication from Inside History (2006).

Christopher Dawson (2020)
64 pages with illustrations, endnotes and bibliography
RRP: $8.00
ISBN: 978-0-9873669-5-5

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