Discover the world within the walls. Our prison history books cover the time from Queensland's first prison in the 1850s and up to the 1980s. Subjects include escapes, prison slang, life inside and prisoner biography.

The Houdini of Boggo Road: The Life and Escapades of 'Slim' Halliday
2005/Christopher Dawson/48 pages/illustrations, endnotes and bibliography/RRP $6.50

Two Division: Boggo Road's Last Prison
2018/Christopher Dawson/ 64 pages, illustrations and bibliography/ RRP $8.50

Escaping Boggo Road
2005/Christopher Dawson and Frank Wood/76 pages/illustrations, endnotes and bibliography/RRP $10.50

Intemperance & the Train of Evils: A Life on the Wrong Side of the Tracks in Colonial Brisbane
2008/Christopher Dawson/74 pages/illustrations and endnotes/ RRP $10.50

Shivs, Bongs & Boob Guns: Made in a Queensland prison cell 
2010/Christopher Dawson/60 pages/illustrations and endnotes/RRP $8.50

Illustrated Dictionary of Prison Language, Slang & Flash
2007/Christopher Dawson/56 pages/illustrations and bibliography/RRP $8.50

That Gingerbread Structure: The Queen Street gaol
2010/Christopher Dawson/68 pages/illustrations and endnotes/RRP $8.50