Intemperance and the Train of Evils: A Life on the Wrong Side of the Tracks in Colonial Brisbane

Prostitute. Prisoner. Alcoholic. Lunatic. A few of the labels imposed on the Fortitude Valley girl who grew up to spend almost 70 years of her life in Queensland prisons, lock hospitals and asylums. This is her story. It provides an all too rare insight into the world of the 'fallen women' of colonial Brisbane, and of the disapproving society that kept them trapped on an institutional merry-go-round.

This book is an update of the 'Intemperance and the Train of Evils' publication from Inside History (2008).

Christopher Dawson (2020)
72 pages, with illustrations and full endnotes
RRP: $9.00
ISBN: 978-0-9873669-8-6

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