About Us

Boggo Books is a not-for-profit History publishing project based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Members of the Boggo Road Gaol Historical Society began writing and publishing affordable history booklets for visitors to the Boggo Road Gaol Museum (Brisbane) in 2005. They produced dozens of publications under the original publishing name of 'Inside History' on such subjects as prisons, cemeteries, hangings, and colonial suburb history.

Inside History was rebranded as 'Boggo Books' in 2018, but still has the same basic goal: To produce well-researched and accessible history publications that provide great value for money to the reader. We achieve this by keeping the books compact in size while retaining high word counts (no superfluous 'page padding').

We have revised and upgraded earlier titles and continue to produce new work. The books can be purchased online, at our community stalls, or in selected Brisbane bookshops.

We also aim to encourage local history writers to create new works.